Care & Maintenance


Wipe your product down regularly. Use a dry cotton cloth and make sure to get inside the crevices and keep dust off the surface. Feel free to even use a vacuum in the crevices. When trying to clean a spill quickly use a dry cloth or sponge. If you must use a little water then be sure to wipe the area dry afterwards. Please don’t use soapy water or keep it drenched in water for too long. Do not use detergents or cleaning products. Keep direct sun exposure to suitable levels. Periodically check and tighten hardware as necessary.



Upholstered furniture gets dusty and this can dull the colours and reduce the life of fabrics. Lightly vacuum or brush regularly but never use a stiff brush as this could damage the fibres. If you spill something on the upholstery, wipe excess liquid up immediately with a clean absorbent cloth.



If you want that leather to stay primed then invest in some reputable leather conditioners, the kind that has the creamy consistency and buffs in well, check the conditioner labels for application and look to condition every 6 months. Leather is a natural material and can occasionally dry out and small scratches can appear. Just like scratches on our skin these can heal themselves. Using a microfiber cloth give them a gentle buff until their appearances fade.



Clean with lukewarm soapy water and rinse off with clean water. Wipe the entire surface with a clean, dry cloth. Use of harsh abrasives, acids, alkalis or bleaching products is not recommended.



All MFC products can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild soap, or detergent if necessary, and buffed dry with a clean cloth. Never use abrasive powders or scouring pads to clean stubborn marks. In extreme circumstances, a mild alcohol product can be used, however this must be followed by a damp cloth soaked in water, ensuring no alcohol residue is present afterwards.



Apart from replacing or resetting fuses, Sourcetec products are manufactured to be maintenance free. For periodic cleaning, disconnect the unit from the power source and use a soft damp cloth, immediately after dry the unit with a soft dry cloth. Do not use harsh chemical solvents or detergents. All Sourcetec units are tested before they leave the factory, any suspected damage or manufacturing defects need to be raised with IN-HOUSE immediately for further investigation.



Furniture can be dangerous if improperly assembled or installed. If in doubt please contact us. All products should be used on a solid, level surface. Do not tilt, lean back on the chair legs, or stand on furniture, as this could result in a fall. For barstools, do not stand on the foot rest, as this could lead to the stool becoming unbalanced and overturning. Do not leave small children unattended on the chair or barstool. With assistance of another adult, always lift, do not drag large or heavy furniture into position.



You will find our warranty stated on each individual product pages. This applies when the product has been used for the purpose intended, and in line with the product use guidelines. Wear and tear must be expected from normal use and are not covered by the warranty.
IN-HOUSE reserves the right to refuse replacement or repair if we feel that the product has been misused or has been accidentally damaged by another party.
IN-HOUSE also reserves the right to attempt to repair any damaged or faulty products before a decision is made to replace them. In this case, we shall not be liable for any loss occurred by the customer during this period. We will not be liable whatsoever for any consequential damage, loss or other expenses whether arising out of contact, negligence or otherwise.
Any alterations to our products in any manner will automatically nullify any guarantees offered.